Mini Meat Pies for Pi-day!


Recipe from:

Changes made to the recipe: I didn’t have garlic ūüė¶ so I used garlic powder instead

Notes: ¬†Next time use real garlic!! I don’t think the meat had much flavor. ¬†The gravy mix I used had herbs in it but you couldn’t taste them plus it was more watery than thick. ¬†Next time possibly make my own gravy, add more herbs. ¬†Also want to work on my own shortcrust pastry for the base.

Reactions: ¬†Generally positive, but then the Americans around me don’t really know what a meat pie should taste like~~ ¬†Should try to make a butter chicken pie so my Indian friends at work can partake.


Carrot Cupcakes


Recipe from:

Changes made to the recipe: No nutmeg so I substituted for allspice, no baking powder so I just used baking soda.  Added a cup of chopped walnuts.  No orange zest in icing.

Notes:  I used the directions for temperature and time but the cupcakes were overbaked, dry and a little dark.  Next time adjust!  Also next time use nutmeg and add some raisins as well. Icing could use more icing sugar.

Reactions:   Miss Venice and Miss Island said it was more like a loaf than carrot cake.  Maybe appropriate for breakfast snack?